Community Energy in Chipping

Set up by a small volunteer working group, Chipping Community Energy is a community organisation focused on developing renewable energy projects for the benefit of future generations.

With a focus on heating costs and carbon emissions, the Chipping Community Energy working group came together to:

  1. Look at a low carbon heating solutions for the community
  2. Engage the community
  3. Consider funding options for a community wide low carbon heating solution
  4. Evaluate likely costs and disruption associated with a community wide solution
  5. Assess whether such a solution could work in a village like Chipping

Why are we considering this?

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It's great to see the community coming together and being awarded funding to help them unpick the big question of how we come off fossil fuel heating in rural communities? I'm keeping in touch to see how the project progresses and how we can share the learning across other communities in Lancashire.

Cllr Shaun Turner

Lancashire County Council

Once again Chipping is working together on a community project. Chipping Community Energy group will hopefully give us a greater understanding on the low carbon energy alternatives available to 'off-gas rural areas' as the country is encouraged to move away from heating oil as the main energy source.

Cllr Simon Hore

Ribble Valley Borough Council

Decarbonising Lancashire is not only necessary for meeting our Climate Change and Net Zero objectives, but also offers an opportunity for Green Growth and the opportunities and jobs that it will bring. The Community Scale low carbon heat project at Chipping is a trailblazer and the learning and insights their work is giving us will inform how we address low carbon heat across other communities.

Phil Green

Executive Director of Growth, Environment and Transport, Lancashire County Council

Climate change and the recent rise in costs of fuel and general living pose challenges for all of us. We're all looking for ways to improve our carbon footprint. A community approach to installing a new, environmentally friendly, village-wide heating system could reduce the cost to each individual. Grants available from the County Council should assist feasibility studies and planning, enabling Chipping residents to play their part in benefitting both themselves and the village by becoming greener going forward.

Local Resident

Chipping Parish Council wholeheartedly supports Chipping Community Energy group working with Prospus Group on the stage 2 feasibility project. Many Chipping residents face the difficult question of how to replace their existing heating systems with affordable, reliable, low carbon systems. It is hoped that by looking at a community scheme a solution can be found that can be used by many residents without the burden of substantial up-front costs.

David Slater

Chairman, Chipping Parish Council