Energy surveys completed

The Working Group are pleased to confirm that the energy surveys were successfully completed on all 20 properties during the week of the 21st of November as planned. The opportunity was taken to have energy surveys conducted at Brabin’s School and the Village Hall while the survey team were in the village.

The survey outputs will be used to assess the energy load and annual energy demand for typical properties in and around Chipping, which will help the design team to develop the concept design for the community heat network.

This will be supported by the results from the community test borehole that is due to be drilled in the village in January on the site next to Chipping Village Hall, adjacent to Club Row.

The borehole will provide the design team with important information about the geology and hydrology in the area, including how much heat the project may be able to sustainably extract from the borehole as part of a community heat network.

Further details on the borehole works can be found here.

Posted 28th November 2022