The journey so far…

The Chipping Community Energy Working Group have been working hard over the past year and here we share some of the key milestones to date.

Jun 2022 – RCEF Stage 2 grant funding confirmed, contract with Prospus Group signed.

May 2022 – Prospus Group and Chipping Working Group start to develop a website under new branding for Stage 2 project – Chipping Community Energy.
Oil 104p/l

Apr 2022 – Working Group agrees Purpose, Objectives and Success Criteria. Prospus Group appointed as lead consultant for Stage 2.
Oil 96p/l

Mar 2022 – Online interviews with companies tendering for Stage 2 work.
Oil 101p/l

Feb 2022 – Working group agrees to continue project and apply for a RCEF Stage 2 Feasibility grant. Scope of work prepared and Invitations to Tender sent out.
Oil 69p/l

Jan 2022 – Government consultation ‘Phasing out the installation of fossil fuel heating in homes off the gas grid’ closes. The consultation proposes:

  1. An end to the installation of fossil fuel heating in homes off the gas grid from 2026.
  2. A ‘heat pump first’ approach to replacement heating systems from 2026

Nov 2021 – Aveico deliver ‘final’ report. None of the options look feasible.

Sep 2021 – Drop-in event held at the Village Hall to share Aveico’s initial findings.

Aug 2021 – Aveico technical analysis starts; looking at Biomass, Air Source and Ground Source options.
Oil 50p/l.

Jul 2021 – Project launch meeting with Aveico. Flyer distributed to all properties in the village. Facebook page ‘Chipping Community Renewable Energy’ launched. Energy survey live.

Mar 2021 – Tender responses reviewed. RCEF funding confirmed. Aveico appointed as lead consultant.

Feb 2021 – Invitations to Tender for Stage 1 Feasibility Study sent out, tenders received from four companies.

Dec 2020 – Members of the CCLT and PC apply for a Rural Community Energy Fund (RCEF) Stage 1 Feasibility Grant. Scope of work developed.

Sep 2020 – Representatives from CCLT, CPC and RVBC meet with Kate Gilmartin, Community Energy Investment Lead at LCC and agree to start a project to look at the feasibility of a community wide low carbon energy scheme for heating homes in Chipping. Expression of interest for Rural Community Energy Fund (RCEF) Stage 1 Feasibility Study Grant completed.

Aug 2020 – Ribble Valley Borough Council’s Housing Team approach Chipping Parish Council (CPC) and Chipping Community Land Trust (CCLT) to consider an involvement in a low carbon energy project being targeted at ‘Off-Gas’ rural villages led by LCC/ NW Energy Hub.
Average domestic heat oil price – 35p/l (based on 1000l)




Posted 20th June 2022